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Quick and Easy Extra-Small Dog Sweater


This quick and easy extra-small dog crochet sweater for toy dogs and/or puppies (2-4lbs) is warm and stylish. Embellished with a handsome plaid bowtie (pattern included) your little fur babies will stay fashionable and cozy during the chilly autumn and winter months. Plus, it’s super easy to put together. Even the newest of crochet beginners can do it!

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Difficulty level: Level 1 – Beginner

Finished Dimensions:

Back measures about 7 1/2-inches from neck to end. See adjustment notes in the pattern for a shorter back.

Chest measures about 4 to 5-inches from neck to belly.

NOTE: I designed it for the newest addition to our family, Odie, a Havanese Shih Tzu mix, when he was only 8 weeks old. He weighed about 2-4lbs and was about 6-inches long.

So, this pattern should work for other fur babies of similar size.

*Pattern in written in US terminology.

Pattern has been tested for accuracy by multiple pattern testers.


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